My own version of resource mechanic in Tower defence genre

Since we talked some of resource mechanic in tower defence games, either modified version or classic version. I decide to create my own version of it from the classic.

First, think of player as a “summoner” in a dungeons & dragon world. All towers are player’s minions, therefore, the resource in this game will be player’s mana for sure.

Other than classic ways to obtain/use the resource, I created few more varieties to the game.

To obtain:

  1. By drinking mana potion, however it is very expensive and limited to use per level.
  2. By summoning a special minion, after summon it, player will gain mana for each time it attacks.

To use:

  1. Casting magic to enemies, dealing extra damage.
  2. Casting magic to allies, giving them buffs.
  3. Trigger some special effects in level. For example, open a gate, causing extra enemies spawn in the level(may drop good loots).

By adding those varieties, the game will be more interesting to play. Since Player have to decide the usage of resource, it’s all about balance: whether to use magic to clean the current wave, or save up for summon a better minion. It’s all depending on player.



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