Dev Log #4: Current and Next



Hello again, it’s been a while since last update of Dev log. For the past month, we have been working on new level, new controls and new concepts.


First of all, we have done a new model for the wheelchair model and implemented it to the game – and it looks fantastic! Thanks to our modeler.



Secondly, we’ve added a new level to the game, it suppose to be a tutorial level for players to play around the control and get use to the environment. Moreover, it servers a important element in story aspect. In the future,  this area will be used to introduce the most important character and the only guider of the game: The doctor.

Anyways, we spent a lot of time on the environment including the lighting, the mood of the environment, the background music and sound effect, yet there are still problems exists, currently, we are modifying the scene as well as the control based on our playtesting result.

Here are some screenshots of the level we’ve made:



few days earlier, we have set up our first playtest section to the public – we’ve invited some friends and someone who rarely plays games tried our game. Overall, the result was satisfied, people do like our game, especially the environment and atmosphere. However, there are still problem exposed to us – mostly the control and motion sickness issue.

Some people tend to get sick during the following situation:


  1. turning/ rotation the wheelchair.
  2. Going up/down the ramp.
  3. When hitting some objects.


Also, some people were complaining about the control, some say it is too difficult and not user-friendly.

Based on those comments, I have made a important decision: we will discard our current control style and non-VR version of the game, put all our efforts towards solving the motion sickness issue and provide the best immersive experience for the player.


Next step

Therefore, for the next, we are focusing on the following concepts:

  1.  remake the control specifically for VR, aimed to solve the motion sickness. (prob going to use head tracking as turning method and take out the process of rotation with time, uses instant rotation instead)
  2.  World space UI.
  3.  New and the last part of the level.
  4.  Story and puzzles.


That’s it for this dev log, see you in next one.



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