Dev log #5: Finalizing the game




Hi there, another 2 months have passed, we have been working hard towards our goal: try our best to complete the game as a capstone of what we learned during the past 4 years. Although there is only one week left before the levelup showcase and we still have plenty of works to do, we do believe that we can present our work in the game show.


Ok, enough of summary, let’s talk about the actual progress. Since last update, we have made a lot of work done covering gameplay, level design and mechanic. First of all, we have created the final level which is also the most complex level we have created. It required the player using different skills he/she learned from the past gameplay sessions. Moreover, there are intense moments that required player to keep calm as well as focus on the job they are working on. Overall, it’s a level like a test to test player’s wisdom as well as their courage. 


Moreover, we have changed the way of how player controller works. Before, during the playtesting section, a lot of players have complained about the motion sickness issue because of the rotation when turning.Based on the feedback, we have redesigned the control logic specifically for VR. In general, the wheelchair will automatically turn towards to where player facing at, in the other words, they will always seeing themselves going straight forward, avoiding issue where player feels uncomfortable while turning. However, if player desires to turn to an angle that out of physical body can reach, they can also use right joystick to help turning. To avoid motion sickness, all the turning action is happening in split a second, which player’s brain can not identify it as rotation, furthermore, it won’t cause any uncomfortable to player who plays it.

Furthermore, we have the UI ready, for most of the, it is a reminder of how the control works. Although somehow it will break the immersion of VR, we want to be user-friendly enough for anyone to play. Yet the UI is still very basic, we limited it to provide the basic information without breaking too much immersion.


Even more, we have cut scenes, sound effects, animations and so done, i dont want to spoiler here, everything will be revealed after the game is complete and it will available online for free.


Finalize the game

Although so much have done from last update, there are still work to do including:

  1. Collectables and story
  2. Main menu and ending cut scene.
  3. Final puzzle implementation
  4. Game optimization
  5. Monster model implementation

We shall finish those concepts within one week, wish us luck 😉


See you in the final game. 




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