The Resource mechanic in Tower defence games – Part 2

Last time we talked about the “modified” version of resource mechanic in “Plants vs Zombies”, however, for most of tower defence games in general, the classic mechanic is still preferred. For instance, the game we are going to talk about is “Kingdom Rush”, maybe the most popular tower defence game in mobile platforms for last year.


In this game, although it added many varieties to the game in order to make differences from other games in same genre, such as heroes, moveable towers and so on. Yet, its core mechanic – resource system still remains  as classic style.

Throughout the game , player may find three ways to obtain the resource(gold coin):

  1. Kill enemies, by defeating them, player can obtain a certain amount of gold, the enemy is stronger, more gold will be.
  2. At the beginning of each level, player can earn golds depends on levels.
  3. Sell towers which is already build, 50% fee will be applied.
  4. Defeat bosses for extra golds.

These are ways to obtain resource, once player have enough golds, he/she can choose either to build a new tower or upgrade a existing tower, as most of tower defence games do.

In general, although “Kingdom rush” didn’t make any change in its resource mechanic, its popularity proved that people still love the classic tower defence genre. I believe, in further, it will still be.


For the King!




Gameplay video:


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