Kyube! – The new screenplay game for Holland Bloorview Hospital

For past few weeks, me and my teammates was working on the game aiming on helping kids in Holland Bloorview Hospital to spend their time while waiting for appointments.

After worked hard, we have won the first place of Children’s pick and the game will goes to hospital’s media library, for more kids to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone in our team, you guys are the best!



Kyube! Interactive Guide

 Create Kyube:

Simply stand on a square to create a Kyube; the longer one stands on it, the larger it will grow. Stepping off of the square will cause the Kyube to stop growing, and the Kyube will start to wander around the space on its own. The Kyube can only grow to a maximum size; once it is reached, it will wander off autonomously.

Build Kyube Tower:

If the player steps onto a square with a Kyube already present on it, and there are other Kyube(s) located around it, the Kyube that is currently in control of the player will randomly jump on top of one of those adjacent Kyube(s).  If there are no Kyube(s) located nearby, the Kyube the player is possessing will bounce to indicate the players position.

Unlock weather effects:

If the player steps on a square with more than one Kyube stacked, those stacked Kyubes will fly away and charge the weather bar. The larger the Kyubes, the more power given towards the weather bar, causing it to charge faster. Once this weather bar is fully charged, the weather will change within the game.

Lifespan of Kyubes:

Each Kyube has a certain lifespan. The lifespan of Kyubes that are stacked is longer than the lifespan of an individual Kyube. If there has been no player interaction within a certain Kyubes lifespan, then those Kyube(s) will bounce off the screen once its time is up.




If you ask, what is screenplay?


ScreenPlay is the large screen in the second floor waiting area that clients and families interact with via a colourful, pressure-sensitive floor.


check out this video to find out more:



visit to see more details.

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