The Dark Forest – An AI experiment



The dark forest Poster-page-001


This game was an experiment  and practice of AI(finite state machine) by Unity.

Done it within 3 days, inspired by Slender Man.

Although i’d like to put slender man into the game, was to busy to do it. Maybe will add it someday.

Have fun to try it : )

Download: TheDarkForest(34M, for windows)

Basic controls:


WSAD – character movement

Mouse – rotate the character

Mouse left click – turn on/off flashlight

Mouse right click – rotate camera

F – flare


Goal: find all 7 pages in order to complete the game

Wisp: guide player to the nearest page location, just walk close to him.

Dog(e): tells player where the battery/flare pickups is, also he will warn the player if the enemy is coming.

Ghost: Enemy, trying to get close to the player. Player can use light to burn them, either flashlight or flare will do the work. if they catch the player, battery energy will be reduced.

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