Unity Modular System – A procedural gameobject generation plugin for Unity.

Unity Modular system let’s you create game object with procedural generated parts.

With editable random seed mode and starting method, it provides the user unlimited possibility.

No coding skill required.

How to use it?

  1. First, attach the modular system script to the gameobject (as root) you want to have random procedural generated parts.
  2. Create some empty gameobjects under the root gameobject you just created, those are the basic position your procedural generated parts will based on.
  3. In the inspector, under the modular system script, create some partsets and drag those empty gameobjects to the “attachTransform”.
  4. Add prefabs for each part sets.
  5. Adjust them individually.
  6. You can press “Preview” to preview the final product.
  7. Click on individual part will let you preview the part, drag will adjust the postion of attach transform. You can modify the position, rotation and scale for each parts individually.


Check out new version on GitHub: https://github.com/rozx/UnityModularSystem




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